As HR professionals, you have to meet today’s problems while staying ready for what lies over the horizon. You need a partner who knows the questions you have and the answers you need. Creelgroup has a proven track record of results. From benefits, assessments, and education, to diversity and performance programs, we offer custom solutions for all your HR challenges.




Personality affects everything in our lives and the lives of those around us.  That’s why it is critical to effectively assess, evaluate and coach personality in normal and in stressful times – it helps your organization build high performing teams, as well as identify and develop leaders.

We partner with Hogan Assessments to bring the science of personality to clients.  We can help you:

  • Assess teams through the use of tools and workshops. We help teams work better together by identifying and eliminating the barriers that hold them back and identifying strengths to help propel them forward. The process helps teams learn the best ways to work effectively with, trust and empower each other.
  • Develop leaders by objectively assessing high potential employees to place on a leadership development path, identifying issues and coaching leaders who are struggling, and helping leaders with personal growth and development plans.
  • Evaluate applicants by developing preferred applicant profiles and training your HR department to objectively assess fit, understand and predict team fit and fit with supervisors. We also prepare supervisors to help new hires be successful.

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Organizational & Business Behavior

Getting the best from your talent starts with first understanding them as individuals, and then how they function as a member of a team. Knowing these answers is crucial to making effective leadership decisions for your organization, and empowering employees to work together productively.

To predict, interpret, shape, and drive successful behavior at all levels of the organization, we can help your team:

  • Conduct individual assessments that identify a person’s skills and natural strengths, their individual motivations and personality drivers. We also include the best coaching techniques to help shape that individual’s behaviors
  • Conduct team assessments to help maximize productivity by understanding different working styles, communication techniques and individual strengths
  • Align employee behavior with your organizational goals by identifying gaps, reorganizing, and streamlining HR practices (such as policies and benefits, as well as job and organizational structure)

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Total Rewards

One of the most expensive line items in an organization’s budget is payroll and benefits. Unfortunately, attracting qualified candidates can be tough when your compensation and benefits are not market competitive. Cutting costs while improving performance and increasing employee satisfaction requires specialized experience and expertise.

We can develop the right compensation and benefits structure to keep costs low, without comprising competition for talented candidates. We understand the delicate art of managing and administering compensation and benefits, including compensation structures, variable pay programs, merit pay programs, executive compensation, welfare benefits, and workers’ compensation.

When it comes to designing and managing total compensation, we can help your team:

  • Develop market-based compensation structures
  • Develop merit pay, incentive structures, and profit-sharing programs
  • Improve benefit policies, enrollment processes, and communications
  • Manage pharmacy plans.

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The strength of your talent can determine your organization’s success. But it can be difficult to identify and select the right talent —whether you are hiring or developing current employees. We can help you select new employees and make informed decisions about developing current individuals on your team.

Using one of the most validated tools available to organizations, we can:

  • Identify strengths that may not be obvious through a resume check and traditional interview alone, as well as predict job fit and motivational alignment
  • Develop and coach effective leaders
  • Improve team communication and performance
  • Recognize and manage performance risks

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Successful organizations have top talent that is committed to the organization’s processes, values, and culture. That commitment doesn’t happen by accident, it is cultivated through education and development opportunities targeted to all levels of talent.

To identify, target, and create learning and development opportunities for your organization’s talent, we can help your team:

  • Develop custom training needs assessments to identify knowledge gaps in your organization’s culture and processes, or gaps in technical job skills
  • Develop curriculum to identify gaps to improve employee skills in a wide variety of areas, including customer service, as well as administrative functions and processes
  • Create a performance evaluation process to measure the success of your curriculum
  • Use employee development plans to build employee commitment and create a strong internal talent pool by generating long-term growth opportunities for your employees

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Divesity & Inclusion

As both your workforce and customers become more diverse, workplace interactions and expectations continually shift. Ensuring your workforce understands and is prepared for this shift is critical to your business. We can guide you through best practices to help you understand and develop an inclusive organizational structure and culture.

When you need to improve your organization’s diversity and inclusion practices, we can help:

  • Evaluate your current policy practices, develop metrics to determine the success of your practices and identify areas for improvement
  • Provide coaching and consulting using evidence-based solutions to improve inclusivity
  • Offer employee education programs and create a structured support system for the different employee groups within your organization
  • Expand your recruitment pipelines to ensure that your workforce reflects the true demographics of your community and customer-base

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Human Resource teams have access to vast amounts of employee data, which often turns into lengthy reports. But typically, that’s where it stops. We can turn your data and reports into actionable intelligence that improves your business.

Transforming information into strategic insights requires understanding the drivers for your key business outcomes. Moving HR from transactional reporters to strategic business partners requires systematically identifying and quantifying critical people drivers, then using data to identify important opportunities to drive productivity, increase value, and create competitive advantage.

To harness the power of your data, we can help your team:

  • Collect the right HR metrics and develop valid measurement tools for your business
  • Interpret your data trends so you can predict future performance based on current and past metrics and trends
  • Develop actionable insights
  • Create objective measures of change

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HR Operations

In today’s work environment, Human Resources must be creative, responsive and adaptive to the needs of employees. Without the right HR structure and processes, it is difficult to provide employees with the support they need and want – and that affects your organization and your customers.

When your team needs to maximize your human resources department’s capabilities, we can help you:

  • Conduct structured interviews with key customers to determine the department’s current effectiveness
  • Reorganize the department’s structure to better support high-functioning operations and compliance
  • Identify the most efficient use of human capital and use of technology

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